Fixed Supply

Like all other commodities, electric and gas prices can fluctuate considerably from year to year, and even season to season.  If you’re feeling like the essentials are costing you more these days, they are.  Your utility costs are no exception.  Few things can frustrate business/property owners more than unexpected cost increases. 

Solidified Energy and our Fixed Supply Programs can remove that frustration and ensure you pay a low, fixed rate for your electricity and gas, and lock that price in for a set term.

How it works:

  1. We shop all available suppliers, giving you and your clients peace of mind knowing they are sourcing the best possible rates.
  2. We work with you to help your client select the supplier, term, and rate that best fits the needs of their business.
  3. There is NO CHANGE to your client’s utility, service, support all remain as is.
  4. There is NO CHANGE to your client’s bills, no separate bills to pay for supply vs. demand charges.

Get Fixed Supply Rates