The Solidified Method

You can choose to use your valuable time and effort to shop by yourself for the best energy supplier or you can choose to partner with experienced professionals at Solidified Energy to do all the research and negotiations needed to provide you with the most competitive rates in the today’s energy market. We utilize numerous electrical and natural gas suppliers in order to create a competitive environment for you, our client.  This is achieved by hosting a RFP (Request for Proposal) and making our suppliers compete for the energy you consume.  Creating this competitive environment ensures that you receive the best available energy rates on that given day.  Because energy is bought and sold in the open energy market, much like a stock, making the right choice of energy suppliers is important.  This is why we’ve developed a process we call The Solidified Method.

The Solidified Method:

  1. Utility invoice auditing. We collect all of your utility invoices and review them in great detail.  We make sure you do not have “cramming” charges on your invoices and ensure that the past 12 months have been invoiced accurately.
  2. By contracting the energy consumed you protect yourself against dramatic increases in utility spend while saving money for the term of the agreement.  Solidified Energy only deals with consolidated billing which means that you still receive the same energy invoice just at a reduced rate!
  3. Retro fitted LED lighting.  Reducing your electrical consumption is always a smart choice.  With generous government rebates, we can assist you with a full energy hardware audit.  Swapping out those old incandescent or compact florescent lights can reduce your overall electrical consumption by 35% or more.
  4. Solar Energy.  The way to eliminate electrical spend is by the power of the sun!  We can perform a shading analysis and see if solar is right for you.  We can custom design a system that fits your electrical needs while paying you back over a short period of time.  We will produce a ROI (Return On Investment) analysis which shows you how fast you get paid back on your solar system.  Included in our ROI analysis is the state and government rebates you qualify for.  These vary by state.

Daily RFP (Residential & Small Commercial):

We host daily RFPs’ for clients that consume less than 400,000 kWh’s of electricity or 400,000 Thm’s of natural gas annually.  We receive pricing from our many suppliers on a daily basis.  We evaluate and compare these rates and pass on to our clients the benefits of competitive pricing.  The leg work has been done for you!

Custom RFP (Large Commercial & Industrial):

For clients that consume an excess of 400,000 kWh’s of electricity or 400,000 Thm’s of natural gas annually we conduct a special RFP.  By combining or aggregating each of your facilities together into a single package, we leverage larger volume in order to achieve discounted pricing.  We also take this package and submit a formal RFP to our network of suppliers to then compete for your supply on the open energy market.