Energy Efficiency Programs

Technology is rapidly evolving in every aspect of our lives.  The technology and products we use to light, heat/cool, and power our businesses and homes are no different.  A component of the Mass Save program is available to the business community as well.  These energy-efficient upgrades are heavily subsidized or maybe even free for your client’s business. 

How it Works:

  1. At no cost to you, we will send our Certified Partner, Commonwealth Electric, out to your property to complete an assessment.
  2. They will evaluate all aspects of energy use at the property both in the interior, and exterior.
  3. A proposal is drafted with recommendations to help you reduce the amount of electricity used on the property.
  4. All utility discounts, rebates, and grants, will be factored in, reducing the total cost to have those recommendations implemented. In many instances, the job costs can be eliminated entirely providing you with brand new energy-efficient products to help you reduce the amount of energy you use and cut the cost of your utility bill.