How does working with Solidified Energy benefit you?

Running a business is difficult, controlling energy costs shouldn’t be.  By partnering with Solidified Energy you can leverage our experience to keep your costs down while focusing on what you do best.

We will work closely to understand your needs, and find the programs that deliver the most value to you.  All at little to no cost.  We can do all the work for you after providing us with just a few needed items.

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What is energy deregulation?

In the past, electric and gas supply was only available directly from your utility.  In a deregulated state, you have the ability to procure electricity from a number of suppliers at any time.  Your existing utility still is responsible for delivering you electricity or gas under your contracted rate. 

What is the difference between a regulated and deregulated state?

A deregulated state puts the power to choose electric and gas supply programs in the hands of consumers.  Regulated states supply is determined only by the servicing utility.

How does a deregulated market benefit you, the consumer?

We will competitively bid your electric and gas usage with all available suppliers.  This allows Solidified to ensure the best rates for you.