Community Solar

For clients that want to support a healthier environment and tap into green energy solutions, but do not have the ability or desire to place a solar array on their building or property there is a solution.  The Community Solar program allows clients to connect utility accounts to one of the many solar farms you see around your area. These farms are built by developers who are subsidized by the utilities to connect commercial and residential rate payers to these farms.

How it Works:

  1. The solar farm generates electricity that feeds into the utility. As that electricity is produced, monetary solar credits are awarded to the developer that owns the solar farm.
  2. As a subscriber to the solar farm, you share in the solar credits that are generated, 90% of the credits are retained by the developer, while you net 10% of the credits produced.
  3. If solar power is being generated by the farm, you are enjoying a lower energy bill while supporting green energy initiatives.